Cute Vintage Photobooth Wedding Posters (Antique Gold)

Poster, 8" x "10
Cute Vintage Photobooth Wedding Poster (Antique Gold)
Front View
Corner View
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$8.15 each

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    1 - 3 $8.15
    4 - 50 $7.33
    51 - 100 $6.92
    101+ $6.52

About this Collection:
These cute, modern-vintage photo booth signs instruct wedding reception guests to "Grab a Prop and Strike a Pose!" The retro feel of the typographic text would go really well with typical photo booth props like fake mustaches, bowler hats, bow ties and big retro sunglasses. These fun, stylish signs are designed by Plush Paper and come in three different colors:

Antique Gold: An old-fashioned gold color is a perfect for a vintage, but still sophisticated look.

Chalkboard: A chalkboard textured background is super stylish and on trend.

Aqua Blue: Bright aqua blue accents for a fun, upbeat and light-hearted feel.