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    Printing: Paper & Products

  • What paper types and sizes do you offer for your invitations and save the date cards?

    We have several different kinds of paper products available for our invitations and save the dates:

    Flat Cards

    Our flat card, or invitation card stock, is the most common paper product on the site, typically used for wedding invitations, save the date cards, RSVP cards and many photo Save the Dates.

    There are many paper type upgrades available from just the basic paper. The price shown reflects the price increase per invitation (this price increase is also subject to our volume discount).

    Paper Types

    Basic paper stock from Zazzle.
    Basic: +$0.00
    110lb cover-weight crisp, matte bright white paper stock.
    Delicate paper stock from Zazzle.
    Delicate: +$0.05
    80lb light weight warm, matte paper with smooth texture.
    Recycled paper stock from Zazzle.
    Recycled: +$0.40
    100lb cover-weight smooth finish matte paper, 100% post-consumer paper content.
    Felt paper stock from Zazzle.
    Felt: +$0.70
    100lb cover-weight, warm colored paper with a textured surface. Comes in bright, cream and warm colors.
    Linen paper stock from Zazzle.
    Linen: +$0.70
    90lb cover-weight, elegant matte paper with embossed lines. Comes in white, warm, pearl and bright colors.
    Laid paper stock from Zazzle.
    Laid: +$0.70
    80lb cover-weight, warm tone matte paper with a laid watermark to emulate the feel of the first hand-made paper.
    Columned paper stock from Zazzle.
    Columned: +$0.70
    110lb cover-wight, cotton blend paper with a columned texture and matte finish.
    Metallic paper stock from Zazzle.
    Metallic: +$1.30
    110lb cover-weight shiny, smooth paper. Comes in ice, champagne, silver and gold colors.
    Different invitation card sizes offered by Zazzle.

    Invitation cards are offered in a wide range of sizes. The most typical are 5" x 7" cards for invitations and 3.5" x 5" cards for RSVP cards. Also common are enclosure cards at 4.25" x 5.5" and 4.5" x 6.25", and square invitations at 5.25" x 5.25".

    Occasionally we may offer larger wedding invitations at 5.5" x 7.5" or 6.5" x 8.75", thin invitations at 4" x 9.25", or we may offer smaller invitations at the enclosure card sizes.


    Postcards are often used as RSVP cards, Save the Dates and Table Numbers. Postcards are always 5.6" x 4.25". They're printed on 120 lb card stock and the front has a glossy finish, while the matte back contains the address, postage stamp and message area.

    Folding Cards

    Our folding cards come in two sizes: greeting cards (5" x 7" and note cards (4" x 5.6"). They are typically used for Thank You cards or wedding programs. They're printed on heavyweight 120lb card stock, with a glossy front and back and matte inside.

    Glossy Photo Cards

    Our glossy photo cards are typically used for photo save the dates. They come in a set size, 4" x 8" and are printed on a heavyweight, 120 lb card stock. The front has a nice, shiny gloss finish and the back is left unprinted.

    Business Cards

    Business Cards are small, flat cards sold in packs of 100, and we often use them for wedding website cards or other small insert cards. Business cards are available in "skinny" (3.5" x 1"), regular (3.5" x 2") and "chubby" (3.5" x 2.5").

    Rack Cards

    A few products on the site, such as ceremony programs and reception menus, are offered as "rack cards" - they are printed on bright white card stock with a weight of 100 lb, and have a unique size (4" x 9").

  • What printing technique do you use and how is the quality?

    Our printer Zazzle uses digital printing technology, which is affordable but still allows for very high quality printing. Here's an example of a custom wedding design printed by Zazzle on their linen paper stock – the ink is precise and crisp, even on thin script flourishes.
    Fancy script example of Zazzle
  • What if I don't like the printing or paper, or my invitations arrive defective?

    Zazzle offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you are unhappy with your order for any reason at all, then you have 30 days after receipt to return it for a replacement or full refund! If your items have arrived defective, Zazzle will cover the return shipping costs as well (please contact them first to obtain a prepaid shipping label).
  • Do you offer free samples?

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer free samples. However, you may purchase a single one of any of our products with a 100% safety guarantee – if it's not perfect, you'll get a full refund!
  • Are rounded corners available on your invitations?

    Rounded corners are available for an additional $.20 per invitation. They are available on flat card invitations of all sizes, but are unfortunately not available on postcards, greeting cards, or glossy photo cards.
    Example of square vs rounded corner invitations.
  • Do the invitations come with envelopes?

    Yes! All invitations (including RSVP size flat cards) as well as folded cards are automatically shipped with free, plain white envelopes in a matching size.
  • Can I order plain colored envelopes or pocket folds instead?

    Yes! Zazzle offers 5"x7" and 3.5"x5" colored envelopes from envelopments. The 5"x7" envelopes will fit 5"x7" invitations (the most common size), greeting cards and even postcards, while the 3.5"x5" envelopes will fit 3.5"x5" RSVP cards. Here's what they look like, and the list of colors available:
    Envelope colors offered by Envelopments.
    Colored envelopes start at $.70 per envelope for 5"x7" envelopes, and $.45 per envelope for 3.5"x5" envelopes.

    Envelopments also offer pocket folds to fit 5"x7" invitations and cards. Pocket folds are ideal for holding invitations with accompanying enclosure cards and RSVP cards. Pocket folds come in landscape, side, or portrait orientation:
    Pocket folds offered by envelopments.
    Pocket folds are $1.90 apiece. Envelopments envelopes and pocket folds are sold in packs of 25. Envelope liners are also available.
  • Can I order printed envelopes / envelopes with a design on them?

    In general yes, this is possible, but with two caveats: envelopes take 3-4 weeks to be printed, and at the moment (spring 2014) Zazzle is not processing any envelope orders.
  • Customization

  • Do you offer complimentary digital proofs?

    Absolutely! Once you click through to Zazzle, you can change all the text and photos (if applicable) to your own and instantly see what it will look like before you commit to purchasing!
  • Can I customize the wording on a design? What about fonts?

    Yes, you can customize the text in almost all cases. Once you're on Zazzle, you can even click “Customize It!” under the product image, where you'll be able to change the font and font size of all the text!

    One possible exception to this is if the design file itself includes some text – for example, in a particular font that Zazzle doesn't support. To get these changed, you would need to ask the designer directly.
  • Can I customize the colors of a design, or other design elements?

    In most cases you can't customize the colors yourself (exceptions include text color and in a few cases background color). However, the designer may be able to and we encourage you to contact them!
  • Can you create a design from scratch for me?

    Unfortunately, we aren't able to offer this service – however, the designers we feature on the site may be able to, depending on what you have in mind, you're free to ask them directly!
  • How can I get a matching map / enclosure card / wine label / wedding program?

    We try to make it as easy to find matching items as possible on our website, and usually when you don't see the item you want, it's because the designer hasn't created it! So if you can't find it on our site, try contacting the designer to see if they've already made one, or if they'd be willing to design one for you.
  • Designers

  • How do you choose which designers to feature?

    We sift through the huge number of designs available on Zazzle and when a design catches our eye, we check out who designed it. Often, this leads to a treasure trove of wonderful products by this designer that might not have the popularity in the Zazzle search results that they deserve.

    We look for talented designers with professional quality designs, and we particularly prefer designers who create matching sets of products (for example, an RSVP card to go with a wedding invitation) that are easy to find.
  • I really like one particular designer – how can I contact them directly?

    You can usually contact the designer through Zazzle, either on their Zazzle store or on the Zazzle product page of one of their products. If you are having trouble finding the email address or getting in contact with a particular designer, ask us and we'll see if we can get ahold of them for you!
  • I'm a designer, how can I get my designs on your site?

    First of all, that's awesome! Secondly, feel free to send us a message with a link to your Zazzle store showing what designs you have available, and we'll let you know if we think they fit on the site.
  • Turnaround Times & Shipping

  • How long does manufacture and printing take?

    In most cases, products are manufactured and printed within 24 hours. All of our stationery products (including invitations, photo cards and greeting cards) are printed within 24 hours. Printing may take 2-3 additional business days when ordering a large number (over 50) of any item. Other items like binders and postage stamps, will take several business days for printing.

    The most important exception to this printing timeframe is for custom envelopes. Unfortunately, custom printed envelopes, due to the printing and manufacturing process, will take 3-4 weeks to be printed. This is important to keep in mind if you want to order printed envelopes.

    Note: A “business day” is defined as Mon-Fri, excluding holidays.
  • How long does shipping take?

    Zazzle offers three tiers of shipping:

    • Standard: 4-7 business days
    • Premium: 2-3 business days
    • Express: 1 business day (after manufacturing)

    Since exact shipping prices depend on the quantity and product ordered, as well as the type of address, we recommend that you place a mock order to estimate your shipping charges.

  • International Orders

  • Can I still order your products if I don't live in the US?

    In most cases, yes! All of our stationery, including invitations, save the date cards and greeting cards, can be shipped internationally.

    However, postage stamps are only offered for use within the US Postal Service and cannot be shipped internationally. Custom printed envelopes as well are not offered internationally, due to other countries' restrictions on envelope design.
  • How long does shipping take to my country? How much is it, and will I have to pay any extra fees?

    Standard Shipping (USPS Airmail) will take 5-12 days, however you will not be able to track your order. If you want to track the order, you will have to choose Express Shipping.

    Because the exact shipping cost depends on your order, your location, what country website you are buying from (see below), and other factors, the cost is best estimated by placing a mock order to generate a price quote.

    Your order may be subject to customs and fees, if it is ordered from Zazzle.com. However, if you place an order through your country's website, taxes and customs are already taken care of for you! Zazzle currently offers websites for the following countries:

    We strongly recommend that if you are having your invitations shipped to one of these countries, you place the order through the corresponding Zazzle website.
  • How do I order from my country's website?

    Once you find a product you like an want to buy, beneath the button to Personalize and Purchase you can click "Ordering from outside the US?" to expand a list of countries. If your country is in the list, you can click the link to go directly to the product on that country's Zazzle website. This way, you'll see the price in your own currency and in the primary language of that country.

    If you don't find the option to select a country, this means this product is not available outside the US (for example, US Postage Stamps and envelopes).